Shona, Hazelnut & Jimmy

Three miniature Shetlands, Jimmy Hazelnut & Shona were originally rescued off the moors. Unfortunately the gentleman who cared for them became unwell and the ponies became very neglected. Hazelnut was in foal when ‘South West Equine Protection’ was alerted to their predicament.

SWEP removed the ponies to their care – sadly Hazelnut lost her foal and needed veterinary care, not only physically, but mentally as well – grieving for her lost foal. Jimmy had to be gelded, a risk in itself, as all the ponies are in their mid to late twenties. SWEP were unable to find a home for the ponies, as they were anxious the little trio stayed together as they have been companions all their lives. So we at the ‘Flicka Foundation’ have given them a permanent home.

They are delightful, measuring from 28” up to an ‘enormous’ 32”. Jimmy is a little character, Shona we believe may be an original foal of Hazelnut, a bit shy, but very gentle. Hazelnut is very sweet and quite affectionate.