Frodo & Sammy

In February 2008 we rescued two young Dartmoor pony colts, Sammy and Frodo, who have been running wild since May 2007, victims of neglect and ignorance. After visiting umpteen different fields and crossing many busy roads they have finally came to ‘rest’ with a large ‘matriarch’ cob that the two boys seem to regard as a mother figure. There were three colts, but one has, sadly, gone missing, we hope that someone has taken it in. It has also become apparent they are particularly frightened of men. A prosecution may be pending…..

They originated from the moors, were ‘drifted’ (rounded up) as foals, and then been sold for a few pounds at the market place. Now they are unwanted, frightened, hungry and disorientated.

This once again highlights the terrible ordeal these foals go through – separated from their mothers when they are far too young rounded up into lorries and taken to market, a few are sold, usually to end up as meat anyway and the rest are taken to the continent.

Sammy and Frodo pictured above just after being brought to safety – two very tired little chaps!