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About the Flicka Foundation

The Flicka Foundation started with Mary Berryman and her rescue and care for an elderly pony called Mickey. In its early days, we called the beginnings of our sanctuary ‘The Golden Oldies’.

Flicka, a small strawberry roan pony, was rescued after being found in a field in the middle of an industrial estate: a small pony amongst high-rise buildings and billowing smoke. Flicka was delightful; he loved people, was very affectionate despite his beginning, and adored lots of fuss. Sadly he developed liver cancer after several years of teaching young children to ride; he was retired to convalesce with a condition we knew would ultimately take his life.

Flicka’s illness highlighted the problems for horses and ponies in any walk of life that become too unwell or old to work or be riding ponies, so the Flicka Foundation was born. He has lived on through the work we do. After six happy months, Flicka’s cancer took him from us. He was buried in a prime place in one of our paddocks and will never be forgotten.

Since then we have had the privilege of many horses, ponies, sheep, pigs, cows, cats, dogs, rabbits and now donkeys coming to us for many different reasons. Each one has a story to tell. Some have suffered unthinkable cruelty or neglect, some abandoned and ailing and some requiring lots of tlc in their twilight years.

We are a very small sanctuary for funds raised, but quite large in terms of animals to care for. All our adopters are part of a very small team and every penny raised helps so much. As our residents’ ages increase, so do their requirements; care becomes more specialised and expensive. One of our biggest expenses are vet fees, and we can never anticipate when or how much they will be..

We currently have 35 horses and ponies at the sanctuary, along with a number of beautiful donkeys rescued from the continent. In addition, we have cows, sheep, pigs, rabbits, chinchillas and various other small animals, as well as cats and dogs. The Flicka Foundation was, for ten years, a non-profit making organisatio. In 2007 we gained charitable status,which should help us in our fund-raising efforts. For most of our income, we have tried to be self-funding, with our horse riding lessons and two mobile holiday homes, but it just isn’t enough. Every year we do lots of fund raising, such as sponsored walks, coffee mornings, cheese & wine evenings, raffles and a couple of very successful concerts. 2007 also saw us doing an abseil down the cliffs on the north coast of Cornwall … !

All animals deserve a chance  - whilst there is so much cruelty in this world to people as well as animals, the reality is that it’s possible to care about more than one issue at a time. We mustn’t assume that a capacity for compassion is dependant on mutual exclusitivity.

We hope you may consider adopting one of our horses or making a small donation, these beautiful animals depend so much on us, they deserve to live out their twilight years in green fields with their friends. Thank you so much for your interest, if you would like any more details about the ‘Flicka Foundation’ and horses to adopt you can email us at info@flicka.org.uk or write to us at the above address.